Bingeworthy Training™ for Sales Teams


Modern Sales Foundations (MSF) teaches your team the skills they need to engage today’s buyers more effectively.

Delivered through bingeworthy video episodes, this program is built for today’s complex sales situations by applying buyer-centric thinking to sales activities throughout the sales cycle.



Differentiate with Today's Buyers

Adapt your approach to add value for each unique buyer throughout the process.

Increase Win Rates

Build the case for your solution through discovery and value communication.

Build a Stronger Pipeline

Improve prospecting to convert more high-quality prospects to opportunities.

Strengthen and Expand Customer Relationships

Reinforce and expand your solution's value to maximize customer satisfaction.


Modern Sales Foundations is delivered unlike any other sales training program.

That’s because its core concepts and approaches are brought to life by Hollywood-level production that blends familiar formats from television and film. The end result? A modern sales training program that is as entertaining as it is impactful.

“This is what every training should look like. Amazing, insightful, and no fluff. It keeps your attention during the entire episode.”
Sergey Gordeev
Head of Sales, Enter.



Modules are broken down into 15-20 minute episodes, which teach and demonstrate the key skills for that module’s topic. 

MSF After Shows 

Following each episode, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper into the core concepts and models by watching the MSF After Show. 

Show Notes

These visual, easy-to-follow documents summarize the key concepts of each module to remember and apply what you’ve learned.


Many of the concepts require planning and preparation before putting them into action with your buyers or customers.

On Demand Demo

Join Modern Sales Foundations (MSF) co-creators Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt as they share what makes the program stand out and deliver measurable results for sales teams.

Case Study

See how riteSOFT used the Modern Sales Foundations program to improve execution across its sales team in this customer success case study.

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Give Your Sales Team the Tools to Take the Next Step Forward

Selling using the Modern Sales Foundations approaches helps you reach prospects and customers in a way that aligns with the way they actually want to buy. 

  • Learn the fundamentals and nuances of communicating with today’s buyers and stand out among competitors
  • Uncover buyers’ value drivers to tailor your message for successful prospecting
  • Navigate complex sales cycles

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Frequently Asked Questions

MSF provides modern sales approaches that are universal and apply to virtually any B2B sale. However, we know that not all sales roles are responsible for the same activities. That’s why the program is adaptable and configurable.

When you implement Modern Sales Foundations you’ll work with a SPARXiQ training implementation consultant to help you align the curriculum with your team’s needs and goals. There may even be certain topics that are left out for some sales roles and included for others.

For some companies, Modern Sales Foundations is used to establish a sales methodology that they’ve never had before. For others, it fills in gaps and adds a modern, buyer-centric perspective to the training programs they already have in place.

Modern Sales Foundations is a video sales training program that salespeople love to watch. When your team watches the program in small chunks each week, you’ll find that your sellers pay attention and remember what’s taught. On top of that, reference materials, practice exercises and manager resources give your sales team everything it needs to ensure they’ll be able to apply what they learn to everyday sales situations.

Modern Sales Foundations is broken up into individual modules and designed to be taken a little bit each week so the information sticks with your team and it doesn’t require extensive time away from selling. Typical companies prefer to take the program over 3 to 6 months with their salespeople responsible for watching 30-60 minutes of video each week. our Implementation Consultant will work with you to design the right deployment schedule that fits your team’s goals and timeline.

Yes! Your team can view Modern Sales Foundations on the SPARXiQ platform with full manager reporting functionality, or the program can be provided to your team to deploy on your own LMS.

Modern Sales Foundations is priced based on the number of users who participate in the program. Small sales teams can get started for under $1,000 per month. Contact our team to right-size a package that fits your goals.

Best of all, it’s a 100% virtual program so you won’t need to be paying for flights, hotel rooms, or meals.